January 07, 2008

Crushed Stars: "Spies" MP3

This song by Crushed Stars, "Spies", is warm, but a facilitating warmth, one that easily brings you back to soft and tender moments that are long past. A liquid reverb ripples off of Todd Gautreau's vocals, lapping against the quietly seductive instrumentation. Yes... quietly seductive... even when you turn the volume up on Crushed stars you're simply moving closer to a purring cat. This is the kind of music that relaxes me, I don't even have to understand the lyrics, they could be Portuguese for all it matters... it's the vibe borne out of the various elements that makes this music magical. And you can find this song and more on the band's upcoming release, Gossamer Days, out Feb 19th.

from the album Gossamer Days
spies [mp3]

from the album Obsolescence (2006)
sleepyhead [mp3]

Gautreau is, or was, behind the ambient and electronic musical projects Tear Ceremony and Sonogram, and is the main force behind Dallas based label, Simulacra Records. You can visit the band's label page here.

Influences: Felt, Field Mice, Nick Drake, Epic Soundtracks, the clientele. the Apartments, Big Star's Third, The Sea and Cake, Steve Kilbey, Lloyd Cole.

You can download Crushed Stars first two albums at eMusic. If you're not already a subscriber, why not try eMusic's FREE trial offer of 25 DRM-Free MP3s... check it here.

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  1. I always find something I love when I find the time to stop by your blog. This stuff is great!