March 10, 2008

Hymns: 'Travel In Herds' March 11th

Hymns pepper their sophomore album Travel In Herds (March 11th Blackland Records) with touches throughout that recall The Band, Wilco, The Byrds, Tom Petty, and The Rolling Stones and those are just what comes to my mind when listening, your experiences will no doubt pull different references than I, although what most listeners will discover is that this album does not wear thin with repeated listens. The biggest difference between their strong debut, Brother/Sister, and this latest effort is singer/songwriter Brian Harding's improvement as a singer... he's more relaxed and, as a result, more confident, or is it the other way around? Well, they go hand in hand and give the band and it's new material a much stronger focal point to honk, twist, or sway about. A marked improvement their debut and one that you should seek out and hear.

From Travel In Herds 2008
i can't be what u want [mp3]
blame it on the mountains [mp3]

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From debut album Brother/Sister (here's my review of B/S from 2006... oops, that doesn't sound good, does it, the b/s part, i mean)
friends of mine [mp3]

Travel In Herds Track List:
1. NYC Nervous Breakdown
2. I Can't Be What U Want
3. LA, Or Babette Sange
4. Streets Alone
5. St. Sebastian
6. Time Told Me
7.Train Song
8. Blame It On The Mountains
9. Travel In Herds
10. Off My MInd
11. On The Run

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  1. We got their first. Nah nah na nah nah...

    Just kidding. Your post makes way more sense.

  2. Hey Ethan, it's not a race. Oh, you're just kidding, okay, then.

    Just realized that i forgot to put a link to my review from two years ago of their debut album. I will fix that now.

  3. Woah, good thing it's not a race, because if it was you would have totally whooped our ass. Two years ago you say? I guess I shouldn't be surprised - you're pretty on top of it.
    Anyhoo, I'm really just giving you a compliment (albeit in a sort of roundabout way). We love the site - in fact, we're adding you to the blogroll right now.
    Rock on.

  4. Hey Ethan, you may be a tough customer, but you're a nice guy. I'm going to return the favour and add you to my blogroll.