April 29, 2009

Astrid Williamson: "Eve" MP3

When I came across the name Astrid Williamson, I took notice, due to the fact that my name is Alan Williamson. Then I saw the title of her new album, Here Come The Vikings, and that brought up the tale handed down through my family for generations that we're descended from Vikings who raided the Orkney Isles centuries ago. Then a quick online search told me that Astrid Williamson is from Shetland, the islands to the north of Orkney. Hell, we're practically related. Maybe, maybe not, but this new album of hers has a song that makes me wish we were related and it deserves to be heard by the millions who follow this blog daily (okay, thousands). "Eve" is the song and it flaunts a heartbroken melancholy borne not only by Williamson's honest vocal, but by the synth-swept and trumpet-edged serpentine melody. From what I've heard of her other songs this one stands in stark contrast... and it's a direction I feel she should pursue just on the merit of this single song.

From Here Come The Vikings (out June 8th on One Little Indian Records)
eve [mp3]

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