April 07, 2009

Patrick Watson: 'Wooden Arms' MP3

Polaris Prize winner Patrick Watson has returned with another collaborative effort enlisting the myriad talents of band members Simon Angell (guitar), Robbie Kuster (drummer) , and Mishka Stein (bass). Titled Wooden Arms it'll see release April 28th (Canada), May 5th (US), May 8th (AUS), May 11th (UK) + (EU), and June 24th (Asia). You can expect more of the soaring and swooping aural romanticism that permeated award winning debut Close To Paradise. But this time out the band have taken steps to keep themselves interested and excited about creating music, as Patrick Watson himself explains in a press release:

"We wanted to create folk science fiction music, like in the Twilight Zone, where there's a normal situation with a twist. There should be an innocence to it, a sense of a humble, grounded story with a subtle twist." The band also made use of such oddball items as a tree branch, a plunger, a megaphone and drawers in creating a palpable atmosphere.

"Everyone does their own things for their own instruments. Everyone does pieces and parts."

"Our drummer, Robbie [Kuster] wanted to get away from drum kits"... continues Watson... "So he rebuilt things, including a bicycle, for percussion." The band played pot drums and a ukulele on the title track, using a bicycle for percussion on "Beijing."

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My review of the album Wooden Arms is here.

Here's the second track off of Wooden Arms:
tracy's waters [mp3]

BUY the album from his Canadian label.
Visit the just launched album site here.
Patrick Watson myspace & twitter.

Patrick Watson and the band have plans to head your way, here are the world tour dates:
27 Apr 2009 @ L’Impérial - Québec, Quebec
29 Apr 2009 @ Cabaret La Tulipe - Montreal, Quebec
30 Apr 2009 @ Cabaret La Tulipe - Montreal, Quebec
2 May 2009 @ Trinity St Paul’s - Toronto, Ontario
4 May 2009 @ City Winery - New York, New York
8 May 2009 @ Hotel Café - Los Angeles, California
9 May 2009 @ Cafe du Nord - San Francisco, California
11 May 2009 @ Doug Fir - Portland, Oregon
12 May 2009 @ Crocodile Cafe - Seattle, Washington
13 May 2009 @ Richard’s on Richards - Vancouver, British Columbia
15 May 2009 @ Grand Theatre - Calgary, Alberta
16 May 2009 @ Macdougall United Church - Edmonton, Alberta
24 May 2009 @ Mezz - Breda
25 May 2009 @ AB Box - Brussels
26 May 2009 @ Melkweg - Amsterdam
28 May 2009 @ Ubel und Gefahrlich - Hamburg
29 May 2009 @ Passionkirsche - Berlin
31 May 2009 @ Luxor - Cologne
2 Jun 2009 @ Maroquinerie - Paris
4 Jun 2009 @ Union - London
19 Jun 2009 @ Théâtre Granada - Sherbrooke, Quebec

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  1. I'm so stoked. Patrick Watson rocks my socks.