May 14, 2009

Help Save Paste Magazine

I've been a long time fan of magazines. Back when I was a kid there was no internet, no home gaming systems, no CDs, no computers, the TV dial went up to 13 and there was no channel 1. Yeah, I know what you're thinking... What the hell did people do? I, for one, discovered magazines and music and they still fascinate me. PASTE is one of the most handsome music publications I have ever seen, this is not to mention the in depth coverage of music and other areas of media, but with the economy sinking, Paste is now in big trouble financially. But YOU can help and even get something for your kindness and support of a worthwhile endeavour. If you visit this page on PASTE's website, you should get any answers you need. I encourage you to pay a visit and HELP SAVE PASTE.

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