June 04, 2013

Alice Boman: "Skiss 8" + Full Album Stream

(photo: jasper berg) 

Alice Boman has made a splash in the big pond of music with her song "Waiting", but her EP of private home-recordings, Skisser, is more than a one trick pony, as is she. "Skiss 8", the third track on the five song EP is ripe with melancholic shadings. The warm reedy glow of the organ wrapping about the listener, the metronomic beat loping along like a tired foal as she sings:

"He's looking for you, he's looking for you, all over..."

And you're right there in the midst of a seemingly futile search, feeling helpless, yet swaying... back and forth and back and forth, to the gait of this lovely, lovely song.

You can listen to "Skiss 8" in the player below and, obviously, the entire Skisser EP. Buy this very special music via iTunes.

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