June 06, 2013

The XX: "Fiction" Video Premiere Plus "Chained" Video


The water imagery in "Chained"  is spot on for an XX video. The thick bass lines like water slapping your eardrums, the smooth quiet vocals of both Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim find their visual equivalent in these lovely slo-mo images of water grey, blue, and black.

"Chained" Video Credits
Director - Young Replicant
Creative Producer - Joe Nankin
Exec Producer - Laura Tunstall
Commissioner - Phil Lee
Producer - Rachel Rumbold
1st AD - Stehpanie Zari
DP - Steve Annis
Colorist - Ben Rodgers at Glassworks
SFX - Gary Brown at Munky
SFX Producer - Samantha Banack at Munky

AND HERE IS THE NEW Young Replicant directed video for The XX, "FICTION". The director has opted for black and white for this nightime shoot, a choice which lets the film-maker play with light in a much more compelling way.


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