August 27, 2004

20 Track Mix/ Old & New

Here is a mix of old and new, great and greater, for Friday night and even into Saturday morning. Everything from Cash and Zappa to Dirtbombs and The Wrens. Enjoy.

wilco + a shot in the arm
the magnetic fields +
all the umbrellas
joni mitchell +
don juan's reckless daughter
johnny cash +
the mercy seat
frank zappa +
what's the ugliest?
t rex +
ride a white swan
of montreal +
fun loving nun
the wrens +
bus dance
five mod four +
your climax
the eskimos +
a list i could write
the national + cold girl fever
the wrens + i guess we're done
of montreal + disconnect the dots
the dirtbombs + possession
lou reed + sweet jane
the race + not riding a bike
pinback + fortress
stephen malkmus + church on white
wolfie + what i want from
harvey danger + flagpole sitta

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:03:00 AM

    Bummer this has to be anon. I'll never understand Blogger's stand on having to get a blog one will never use to make comments. So many only allow registered users post comments and I can't get my password back from them. Anyway :)

    I just want to thank you for making my morning. That's a great list.