October 30, 2004


Thanks to everyone who has commented up to this point, all great nominations, but only one will wear the crown. I wish to thank Stuart Miller especially for his heartfelt nomination of legendary Brit DJ John Peel.
Sadly the "King" is dead and another must be crowned. I wish the idea of Mr. Peel being the "King" who has died neccessitating the crowning of another had been the idea behind this "King of Indie" thing all along. Again, thank you Stuart.

Here are all the artists nominated so far... if ya like one, then second or third the vote. Use comments or email me - sixeyesblog@hotmail.com.

*numbers in brackets denote number of nominations.

Mark E. Smith (the fall)
robert pollard (guided by voices) (3)
lou barlow (2 ) (dinosaur jr, sebadoh, sentridoh, folkimplosion, solo)
mike watt (minutemen, firehose, stooges, banyan, porno for pyros, ciccone youth, dos, solo)
chris brokaw (come, consonant, new year, codeine,solo)
rob crow (thingy, pinback, heavy vegetable, solo)
will johnson (centromatic, fun house, solo)
conor oberst (3) - bright eyes+desaparecidos

morrissey (2)
thurston moore - sonic youth
ted leo (2)
ian mackaye
john vanderslice (2)
frank black - the pixies (3)
doug martsch - built to spill+the halo benders (2)
colin meloy - the decemberists
will oldham - palace (2)
Blake Schwarzenbach - jawbreaker+jets to brazil
stephen merritt - magnetic fields (2)
iron & wine's sam beam
ben gibbard - death cab+postal service (4)
Mac McCaughan - superchunk
John Reis
Davey Chesterfield
Malkmus - pavement (2)
Jason 'Spaceman' Pierce
Anton Newcombe -brian jonestown massacre
Jad Fair
Archers of Loaf (band)
Colin Clary
Isaac Brock - modest mouse+ugly casanova
Tom Zé
James Mercer - the shins
John Darnielle - nountain goats
Dan Bejar - destroyer
Tom Waits (2)
Howe Gelb - giant sand
Jaime Stewart - xiu xiu

*well, i hope i got this right, and didn't leave out any names. thanks for the great response. I'm thinking of picking the top six names for the ballot of INDIE KING on Monday.

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  1. Anonymous11:39:00 AM

    I vote for conor oberst.

    bio @ iceland