December 18, 2004


Okay. Enough is enough. I've been doing this blogger thing for six and a half months now and guess what? Like all mp3 bloggers I get nothing in return but the occasional comment and the even less occasional nice comment. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled when someone says they like or even love *sixeyes, but i crave more like, more love. Ya know, even the rare comment putting down some music on this blog would be welcome. FEEDBACK! I am feeling the need for FEEDBACK, as I grow weary beneath the weakening winter sun (an annoying alliteration, I agree).

Perhaps you could let me know if you, the *sixeyes visitor, like the weekend posts or should I just post throughout the week. Something. Anything. Suggestions?


  1. I rely on your business to entertain my day, I did like the old layout, but I'll surely get used to the new.
    keep up the good poo!
    I'm having a hard time finding shabba.
    "Don't try to outweird me, six-eyes, I get stranger things than you with my breakfast cereal!"
    -Douglas Adams

  2. HEY , thanks for taking the hint and leaving some comments, it's just what i needed and i truly appreciate it. Their will be less posts here on *sixeyes as i am now posting only free+legal mp3s, but i am hoping to keep the interest of you, the visitors, and myself.


  3. I don't normally respond to posts like this (I read once that they are called "blegs" and I'm guilty of doing it too) - however, I have an observation that might help.

    From a cursory look through your recent postings, I notice that the threads that you do get comments on are the ones where you concentrate on a single artist or one or two songs and write something from the heart or state an opinion or tell a story.

    The ones where you just list links from a record company site or your sixpacks garner less remarks. Do YOU comment on postings like these? I mean, it is what it is and nothing more - why comment on it?

    Maybe you should delve more into the record company posts and pick out a few songs or artists for special acclaim. Tell us what the reason for the "sixpacks" are? Do they have themes? Where did you discover these songs? What do you like about them?

    My belief is that people like stories and they respond to stories because they can relate to it or tell their own. That's what gets strangers interactive. The best DJs know this. Anyway, you asked for an opinion and there it is.

    Merry Christmas,


  4. I JUST this week discovered, which lead me to your blog. Ironically, I am also a blogger, but that's besides the point. I ransacked your site for music, and love almost all of it.
    I just bought my very first iPod today, although I've been using iTunes for about a year (wishful thinking, I guess).
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for the service you provide. I left one comment, but nobody else left comments, so I wondered if maybe you didn't welcome them. Now I know!
    Happy Holidays! You kick butt!

  5. Former mod of the recently deceased Audiogasms here.

    Sixeyes is one of the only three mp3 blogs (along with Totally Fuzzy & teh_music) that I still read and download from.

    I don't comment often because I have this weird comment phobia. Unless I feel pressure to comment (such as now) or have something relevant to say, I don't say anything.

    But I'm here and reading and greatly appreciating your great taste in music.

  6. Less posts? No f'ing way! I don't know about most of the rest of the known world, but tha' 'eyes' is the one mp3 weblog that consistently posts the music I like to hear and to discover, so keep it up - no one should dictate to you Al how many or how few times you post. Keep it up until the FCC or the RIAA start sending their thugs.

  7. Well said sixeyes. I've only been blogging for a little over a month and already I share your hunger for comments/feedback. I'm glad you felt confident enough to say something about it.

    Personally, I try to leave a comment whenever I download a song that I actually enjoy. Anything else wouldn't seem right.

  8. Hi -- I'm pretty much a daily visitor, but not much of a commenter. I enjoy what you're doing. I check every day during the week, but I occasionally take a look over the weekend, too, so I don't have much of an opinion on the weekend-posting question.

    Thanks for all the great links!

  9. You think you've got problems. You should try blogging in Welsh.

    But look at that, I've just heard Bearsuit, An Albatross and Hefner (who are quite famous, I believe) for the first time, thanks to you and your blog.

    So thanks, to you and to your blog.

  10. Anonymous12:25:00 PM

    Two words: more jazz.

    If blogs exist to expose people to music other than the top 40 and the megabands who need no publicity, then jazz and classical and world music fit into this category.

    So I'd like to see more blogs pay more attention to jazz in preference to a lot of indie material that I hear -- which is a bit lacking in chops and compositional skill, IMO.

    Well, that's my opinion, worth no more than anyone else's. I don't download a lot here, but I frequently look at the lists, as I don't want to miss anything I might be interested in.

    Thanks much for the feature on Feist. I'll be buying that one when it is released domestically. She's not jazz, but certainly her singing style is very much akin to that of a jazz stylist.


  11. i love 6iii's. thanks for the hardwork. weekend posts are good too.

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  16. shane - thanks alot. i appreciate it.

    kathy - thanks also, although after reading your comment about the walkmen i must implore you, please, PLEASE, take your medication! ;)

    to everyone who felt compelled to leave a comment, I'm sorry, i feel more than a little guilty about this post. it was one of those days where i didn't think about what i was writing and dashed it off. But saying that i have to again say...


  17. Just to let you know I'm listening and enjoying, and sorry for not commenting earlier.

  18. The Rat is a phenomenal song. it's right up there w/ 2 of my other faves for '04: Dry Your Eyes by the Streets and Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand.

    thanks for *sixeyes. it's a wonderful blog and i hope it continues to be so.


  19. OH BOY, now i'm feeling guilty for guilting some of you into making a comment. although be sure, i really, really, appreciate it - and don't forget all bloggers love to get feedback. say something nice to the other mp3 bloggers you visit as well.

  20. Ah! I made a similar whine on my blog and felt the same way afterward. I thought about deleting the post but you post it - you keep it.

    Many times I download a song but don't listen to it for months. By then I don't know where I got it from. I think this happens with a lot of people.

    I think you got to keep going with these things and persevere. The best will survive. Keep up the good work.