December 18, 2004

*Sixeyes Year End Best of List (of two songs!)

Since it's getting to that time of year (by that i mean the end), music bloggers, writers, critics, and the insane feel compelled to compile lists. Lists of 'Best of The Year', albums, singles, and what have you? I'll tell what you have, you've got the same 10 - 12 songs and/or albums clogging up these lists. I won't be doing that (well, I did a short list of myTOP FIVE fave albums of the year), but this will be it for lists until next year. What we are concerned with here are two songs... not the best songs, just *sixeyes (my) favourite songs of 2004.

1. The Walkmen ~ the rat

This song shows you all that is great about indie music, about indie rock. Most definitely what is great about The Walkmen, a band worthy and deserving of the same indie hipster attention bestowed upon the amazing Arcade Fire. Beginning with the ringing and swooping electric guitar of Paul Maroon and getting all up in your face with the smashing and frenetic drumming of Matt Barrick (a fantastic sight to behold live, trust me), the song takes three strides to hit top gear and stays there until lead singer Hamilton Leithauser's fevered final cry of '... can't you see me I'm pounding on your door', followed by Barrick's door pounding drums. The year's best song by far.

2. The National ~ wasp nest
I wrote a song review for this track which is on betterPropaganda's site and here it is...

"Wasp Nest" is the lead off track from The National's new 7 song EP entitled 'Cherry Tree' (Brassland US - Talitres EU). The song opens with a ringing buzz of bells, the way wasps would buzz above your sleepy head, hidden in thick green leaves wrapped about dark branches - as you awaken on a summer afternoon. When The National's Matt Berninger begins to sing, he sounds the way you do once or twice a year when you're nursing a cold and the Benylin begins to wear off - the way you wish your voice would stay, but without the sore throat, the runny nose, you know... you've been there. It's a sonorous voice, quietly strong and confident, a voice that walks softly, but carries a big stick. Let me give you a bit of advice, let him hit you with that stick - let him beat you about the skull with it. It won't hurt... trust me.


  1. i have both songs. however, "the rat" seems to be a favourite of mine but "the wasp" is a song that's good for listening to in the morning in my opinion.

  2. thanks sadia. i can see how you would say that. wasp nest would be perfect for the 'morning after' and the rat for tha night that got you that way.

  3. i ABSOLUTELY ADORE that you posted the national. i found them randomly a year ago, and eveyone i know sucks to much to fall in love with them the way i did.