October 20, 2004

MP3 Blogs Aggregator

I, like many readers, have been wondering what has happened to the MP3 Blogs Aggregator... unfortunately I have no idea, but the rss feed for the blogs aggregator is still working. Go figure.


  1. Anonymous9:57:00 PM

    Oh, thank god it's not just me; I've been wondering about this myself, as the MP3 blog Aggregator is one of my regular visits when I get online. And initially I thought it must've been something altered when updating some anti-spyware prgoram or something. But now I find , after googling the error message, that I'm one of many. Question is, how to get the webmasters for the blog aware of it, if possible?

  2. Anonymous3:08:00 PM

    I think that there is some kind of general "bust" or smoking out of the mp3 community by the music industry. "Benny" from Regnyouth quit what he was doing on his blog last week; " I have decided to discontinue posting links at this time, as a great majority of these submissions have been deleted in the past 24 hours". Rapidshare appear to have lowered their "extreme download" limit to a few hundred MB (presumably due to pressure put on them by the PTB ) . I can only assume that mp3blog.org has been torpedoed by the same dark forces.. Unless it is some more innocent techie explanation.

  3. so... the aggregator is down? it's happened before... i can't see any 'dark' forces shutting down an aggregator.

    i have seen the mp3blogs.org site go down a number of times, sometimes for days on end.