November 01, 2004


The Silent League:

The Silent League don't live up to their name. They are far from silent, but they do meet the definition of 'league':

"An alliance or combination of two or more nations, parties, or persons, for the accomplishment of a purpose which requires a continued course of action, as for mutual defense, or for furtherance of commercial, religious, or political interests, etc."

Perhaps I will add 'musical interests' to the defintion - that said, the members of New York's The Silent League (Bill Whitten - Grand Mal, Sam Fogarino- Interpol, Sean 'Grasshopper' Mackowiack and Justin Russo- both Mercury Rev) inhabit terrain some people have labeled 'Orchestral Pop' (you know, the same people who spend their free time labeling their belongings with a label-maker)

For better or worse, this pigeonhole fits on the track, 'Breathe', from the disc, "The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused". From the retro keyboard washes to the languid melody carried by Justin Russo's summery voice , slight as smoky air, but with the heft of melancholia dripping blue all over the Wayne Coyne-ish (The Flaming Lips) evocation. There's a spacey feel to all this, I can imagine a video with the band members floating slowly through space - there is also space in the music and production, weightless and airy - as befits a song titled 'Breathe'.


also from "The Orchestra, Sadly, Has Refused"
+ the catbird seat
>> watch the new video for "The Catbird Seat".
quicktime + windows > thanks to Thomas Horne for sending the links to his video.

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