December 14, 2004

SPOON:"The Way We Get By"

"The Way We Get By"

This would fit nicely on Joe Jackson's 1979 debut album, Look Sharp, or somewhere on a
Hot Hot Heat CD, but without Steve Bay's anxious yelp (here we have Britt Daniel's equally unique voice). This could be A.C. Newman with more teeth... more 'bite,' but less guitar.

Daniel and the boys have kept this song as simple as possible - it's spare, bare bones pop writing. The guitar doesn't figure into the equation at all (except for the bass), it's all piano, handclaps, bass, drums and tambourine. What gives this song that something extra is lead singer Britt Daniel's vocal performance and his voice itself - a touch of Texas twang, gruffness leavened with a slight lisp.

Hearing such a good piano driven rock/pop song is or was a rare occurrence recently (or maybe that's just my listening habits), but something this good arranged in an unfamiliar way (minus guitars) jumps up and bites you on the ass. And now you're shaking that ass and it's not to shake the attacker loose now... is it?

download "The Way We Get By"

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*some Spoon demos from recording sessions for their as yet unreleased album, that have been floating around the net for some time now:
sister jack
sister jack (piano)
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    i worship you mighty blog master!

  2. thanks for this, have enjoyed the spoon immensely.