May 28, 2005

The Most Serene Republic

I've got to say I am not impressed by this cacophonous melange of fuzzed out voices and ragged beats by Milton, Ontario's The Most Serene Republic. Cross Ben Gibbard's pop sense with Broken Bocial Scene's, at times, overreaching intellectual-indie show-off showcases, with just a touch of Ugly Casanova's weird to cap things off.

But what do I expect from a recent signing to Arts & Crafts - Broken Social Scene's own label...

the most serene republic + content was always my favourite colour [mp3]
*from Underwater Cinematographer [arts & crafts]


  1. I like the song, but I agree with your opinion on the production. (at first I thought it was just really low bit rate) I know some folks go for that abrasiveness, but I think it's distracting from the (MANY!) melodies.
    This song is almost like a medley.
    I imagine if Yes were an 'indie' band and condensed one of their epics down to 4 minutes, it might sound
    squished the way 'Content' does to me.

  2. Anonymous12:32:00 AM

    I am a sucker for all the artists on the arts and crafts label. I had the pleasure of catching BSS and Stars live over the past year and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. I unfortunatly can't seem to find a copy of the most serene repulic cd anywhere.

  3. Anonymous11:16:00 AM

    Have any of you heard the entire album? Perhaps you should reserve judgement until you've heard other songs than their weakest. I know that polyrhythm, 5/4 and 9/8 time signatures, and structures other than a traditional 3 minute pop song (like say, a suite) may be unfamiliar to some people...or that some people might actually call musical theory or intense layering in production and post production "indie-snobbery," but played on the right speakers and with the right frame of mind, the album kicks some serious ass.

  4. maybe i should have been clearer, but this opinion was just based on this one song.
    i shall reserve TOTAL (annihilation) or judgement until i hear the rest.

    fair enough?

  5. hey, i was actually surprised that arts and crafts decided to put "content" as the downloadable track, as it is perhaps the worst song on the entire cd. give the album a listen, and you'll find something totally different, and it's very easy to go through the entire cd without skipping a song. and oh ya, underwater cinematographer comes out june 28, 2005.

  6. JORDAN -
    hey, thanks for the info!

  7. Anonymous5:50:00 PM

    This band is amazing. Ridiculously nice people with incredible talent. They deserve everything that's come their way so far, as well as the great fortunes I know lie ahead. Pick up the album and I am certain your opinions will be changed by it.

  8. Anonymous12:12:00 PM

    I just saw these guys with The Get Up Kids and Straylight Run, At The Kool Haus last night, An Amazing show, though their MP3 seems odd, their amazing live and should be given full props....
    Hopefully when they re-realese the album it will clearer....It really dosen't do them justice

  9. Anonymous12:04:00 AM

    I also saw this band play with the get up kids on sunday...agreed, truly amazing.

  10. Anonymous2:06:00 PM

    The Band is good

    Drummer is great

  11. "The Band is good

    Drummer is great"

    - is this adam nimmo?

    *btw - i should be getting my hands on the bands album and then can see just how good these folks are. i will also see them at the hillside festival in guelph!

  12. Anonymous7:13:00 PM

    i saw these guys at the Kool Haus.
    wayyyy too many people were closed minded - i heard one guy say "get rid of the keyboard, turn up the guitars!". i think that him saying that confirmed his stupidity. i thought get up kids fans might be intelligent enough to take in this sonic masterpiece. apparently some of them aren't. i love this band. i bought underwater cinematographer the day it came out. i havent listened to any other cd since. this is remarkable talent for an indie band. is anyone going to see them july 10 at scenefest?


  13. hey jennafer - have you been to the club in st catherines they are going to play?

    i think i might try to make it to the show. thanks for tipping about scenefest.

  14. Anonymous6:30:00 PM

    Hey, I jsut saw these guys, Stars, BSS, and Apostle of Hustle among many others (including Arcade Fire - not Arts and Crafts, but still great) at Hillside in Guelph this weekend. What a fantastic weekend. Wowza.