August 06, 2005

Eric Mingus

I first heard Eric Mingus on a CMJ magazine compilation cd. The song was 'Romantic Fool' and it struck a chord with me. Unfortunately the cd and the name Eric Mingus, were misplaced for quite a while... but I found him on a label linked on David's Largehearted Boy blog.

Mingus' music is an amalgam of colours and textures, mostly jazz based, as he studied at Berklee College and is the son of jazz legend, Charles Mingus.

Listen to Eric Mingus MP3s...
+ shake up the world
+ the pill
+ romantic fool
+ rubber soles - [*warning*- an extremely slow download]

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  1. I find the whole album is a bit too heavy-handed. I heard 'Romantic Fool' on Insound and promptly ordered a copy at my local record store. I still love - LOVE - that track, but the rest I can take or leave.

  2. Anonymous4:30:00 PM

    I have to agree with otpimus, but I love his dad's work. Coincidentally, Sue Mingus was actually on NPR's Piano Jazz last night (although it was re-broadcast from a few years ago).

    Did you know that Charles invented a system to train cats to use a toilet? Swear to god, it's true.