August 26, 2005

The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers

Yes, that is the name of the band, The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers... some like it, some love it.... and some wonder why? As for me... I wondered why I hadn't listened to this band before? Perhaps it was the name, but aside from sounding like the 3rd title in a series of boys novels, it's not that bad and would be great on a bill with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Led by Perry Wright, a young man of strong faith and steeped in the creative brew of a musical family, The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers tread the grainy wooden floor boards of mid-western folk/alt-country. A Mid-Western ochre melancholy that is pressed hard and flat in a book of experimental indie rock. This is TPATOADS music.

from The Mother Of Love Emulates The Shapes Of Cynthia - 2005
+ concerning lessons learned from the aliens
+ cannot eat better not sleep

from psalterie -2003
+ on the occasion of a departure
+ the sun fell on you

against pollution (mountain goats cover, live on wknc)
makeout city (live on wknc)
on the occasion of a departure (live on wknc)
i am morris townsend (live on wxyc)
another rock star laments (acoustic version)
billie jean (drunken bombast one take)
an unexpected song
Rotation Of Crops - Rehearsal


  1. your reccs have been fantastic. very prolific too, I can hardly keep up!

    thanks again.

  2. Anonymous6:25:00 PM

    i really like "concerning lessons..."

    oh, and thank heavens for correctly-tagged mp3s.

  3. Anonymous6:27:00 PM

    Arthur Digby Sellers-
    Old guy in iron lung in The Big Lebowski

  4. Anonymous9:06:00 AM

    BRANDED, the television show that Arthur Digby Sellers is credited with writing in the film (The Big Lebowski), was a TV Western series that starred Chuck Connors; the Dude thinks it starred Mike Connors, of MANNIX fame.

  5. Branded? I remember an old show called The Rifleman that starred Chuck Connors, but not a show called Branded. Connors also played in the fifties for the Montreal Royals, a minor league baseball team. Or so my dad told me (i was born in Montreal).

  6. You see what happens when you F a stranger in the A? Do ya Larry?