September 15, 2005

The Floor

Sometimes you hear a song, or a group of songs, that you like, but you have no definite point of reference... Canadian band The Floor is an example. They sound very polished and their music sounds like a lot of the music I pretty much ignored in the eighties, some of which was, in hindsight, spectacular. The Floor sound like a great unknown eighties band that you missed either due to your youth, or (in my case) having very defined tastes. Not to worry, you've been forewarned and this isn't the eighties. I have to say that the more I listen, the more I like.

+ freeze/frame from personnel 2005
+ seconds later from doll EP 2003
+ isolene from autonomy off/on 2003

Check their homepage for more mp3s.

Self-described as 'Post-Punk/New-Wave', Edmonton, Alberta's The Floor are...

Matt Pahl - guitar, vocals
Dan Carlyle - drums
Paul Arnusch - bass
Graham Lessard - synthesizer, guitar
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*a big thanks to James H. for the tip.

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