September 25, 2005

Joel Plaskett Emergency

Joel Plaskett released his latest disc,La De Da (MapleMusic Recordings), on February 22nd. Recorded far from home (Halifax, Nova Scotia) in the dry heat of Phoenix, Arizona, the change of locale was instigated by Plaskett fan and sound engineer Bob Hoag, who owns Flying Blanket studios, when he invited Plaskett, a couple years back, to come and record there. It took the Canadian that long before contacting Hoag about rates at the studio. Quickly replying, Hoag said he would record Plaskett free of charge, plus, he could stay at his house. The result is the 29 year old Plaskett's most personal recording yet, inspired by the long, lonely drive in his Suburban truck. Plaskett's first two solo efforts were credited to The Joel Plaskett Emergency and whether it is being free from the constraints, or expectations of the band, or just that he's getting older, this record isn't teeming with the anthemic rockers that graced his previous output. It does, however contain some of the best work he has yet done.

La De Da

Plaskett is a Canadian treasure that, unfortunately, many have yet to discover. He first made his presence known in the band, Thrush Hermit, which was part of the early nineties Halifax music scene. A scene that had some excitable types christening Halifax 'The next Seattle'. While an honour not without merit, none of the bands involved made the impact that Soundgarden or some of their Seattle friends made.

Joel's music is steeped in classic pop influences and buoyed by his sharp guitar work and pure ringing vocals.

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  1. Anonymous3:57:00 PM

    Wow! Excellent! I'm just listening to Joel because he was recommended by Gordon Downie of Tragically Hip. I am very impressed and delighted to hear this artist. Thanks for the opportunity to sample his music. I will definitely look for this artist when I am buying tunes!

  2. Anonymous3:58:00 PM

    Joel Plaskett is great. Awesome songs, and a really good live show. Saw him play as just a three-piece and he nailed all the guitar sounds and tones from the albums. One of the best club shows I've seen.

  3. Hey, just wanted to update you on a recent interview with Joel Plaskett posted on It's written in the first person, and he talks about his newest album, Ashtray Rock, among other things. Here's the link: Enjoy!