September 11, 2005

MIRAH: Cold Cold Water

I strongly recommend you listen to the track "Cold Cold Water" by Mirah. She's a young Philadelphia native with a girlish colour to her voice, but this song alternately marches and glows, from the martial beat of the snare to the shimmer of a string section, galloping and then sauntering, at times draped in the grey fog of a melancholy organ.

"Mirah will be playing a lunchtime acoustic set at the Oak Street building in Portland Oregon on September 16th. This is the day before her birthday and the eve of a hiatus of Mirah live shows."

+ Cold Cold Water from Advisory Committee

+ Light The Match from C'mon Miracle
+ Oh! September from Songs from the Black Mountain Music
+ Sweepstakes Prize from You Think It's Like This But It's R

Download all of Mirah's albums at eMusic.
*photo by Danielle St Laurent

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