January 30, 2006

AMESTORY: National Release Jan. 31

Amestory: Free MP3sAmestory released their first full length last October on Portia Records. I would guess that it slipped under the radar of many, including myself, even though I did receive a promo copy of the self titled disc. Unfortunate that I misplaced the disc after a change of residence and, you know... out of sight, out of mind. The good news is that the album will receive a national release on January 31st. And it offers 12 tracks of sparse, airy, indie pop laced with a chamber music mentality, not to mention a rich piano sound. Mix their carefully arranged and presented miniatures with vocalist Mike Russell's Death Cab-like tones and the restrained support of Doug Prior (piano), J.D. Knotts (drums, slide) Derek Coburn (bass), and guest violinist Ray Tong (violin) and this band (now that I've gotten around to them) is one I can highly recommend.

Amestory: Free MP3s

from Amestory...
+ constants
+ north
+ perfect blocks
+ in the back of a house
+ they're telling you you've been alive
+ seul dans l'air
+ turn in

Track List
1. North
2. Perfect Blocks
3. They're Telling You You Have Been Alive
4. Constants
5. Seul Dans l'Air
6. Turn In
7. In The Back of a House
8. Scotch
9. Track 04
10. The Sea and the Sky
11. Electric Avenue
12. Waking Up

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