January 29, 2006

Sweet Billy Pilgrim: We Just Did What Happened And No One Came: Review

Sweet Billy Pilgrim: Free MP3sSweet Billy Pilgrim
We Just Did What Happened And No One Came
[Wonderland Avenue 2005]
*Sixeyes Score: 8.4 out of 10

UK band Sweet Billy Pilgrim have finally put out a full length album, We Just Did What Happened And No One Came, and it's stunning. The band members, Tim Elsenburg on vocals, guitar and electronics, Anthony Bishop on bass, guitars and vocals, and Al Hamer on drums and percussion, have created a near-minimalist work of art that practically turns the sound of rain on window pane into music. "God In The Details" opens like a Tom Waits song off of Swordfishtrombones, albeit one swimming in a placid pond. In fact this mesmerizing record by Sweet Billy Pilgrim evokes water in it's soft, open spaces and the 'fallen from grace' choir boy vocals from opener, "Atlantis", to closer, "Atropina". Like water, the music rises and falls, carries with it surprising and unseen power, refreshes and relaxes--always matching the gliding, deceptively powerful vocals of Tim Elsenburg. An album which will reward repeated listens, if only to pour again and again the beauty of Sweet Billy Pilgrim into you like a glass of spring water. This band has discovered a secret to beauty, whether they realize it or not, and that is to match their music to the amazingly affecting vocals of Elsenburg. Highly recommended.

+ stars spill out of cups
+ no jesus in here
+ god in the details

more mp3s here and here.

We Just Did What Happened And No One Came: Track List
Stars Spill Out Of Cups
God in the Details
In The Water I Am Beautiful
No Jesus In Here
Black Flag

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