May 21, 2006


Skittish is a band that has been skimming along under the radar, but that should change as soon as more of the people with great taste, who frequent mp3 blogs, hear the music. Based in Minneapolis, Skittish is Jeff Noller's baby, but he gets some help with the diapers from Erik Wray and Siobhan Meehl, when the band performs live (Noller plays and records the music on his own). And the music? It's by turns, folksy and then indie flavoured, but more than these it's very, very good (and if you think you can dance, Skittish will once again give you the opportunity to revisit that delusion).

from Tragedy of the Commons
+ pass the punch
million gray

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from from my parents basement
+ happily ever after
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  1. Anonymous3:41:00 PM

    ooooh! i like these new play buttons!

  2. Anonymous9:25:00 PM

    Alan, I'm a little late but can you give me any more info on that band Champion, Alberta you posted in that sixpack from a couple days ago? Really digging the song and can't find as much as a myspace on these guys. What else do you know?

  3. RHY:

    Well, the bad news first. On their Canadian label, Roast Records, it's reported that Champion, Alberta broke up in the past week or so.

    Here's a link to their minimalist website and to Roast Records.

    Here' an interview:

    Glad you found some music you like, RHY.