July 03, 2006

Land of Ill Earthquakes

written by dylan mckeever

Imagine the perfect indoors, summery, impromptu, dance party: all of your friends in your living room, shoes off, wiggly elbows, hips, knees. Someone gets up on the coffee table in their socks and does some goofy dance that gets everyone laughing. A friend waltzes across the room with a coat rack, another wearing a lampshade.

Land of Ill Earthquakes (from, yes indeed, California) exude this kind of candid and footloose spirit while still remaining lively, dynamic, and undeniably fun. I mean, just look at those legs on their website. Cleary, this is indie pop at its sugary best with all the fixings: cute female vocals, catchy synth-lines, horn solos, melodica, and glockenspiel. Sure, comparisons can be made to other, similar outfits, but it behooves you to listen to LOIE for their certain quality of rawness and purity. It lies in that amiable innocence, that awkward charm. After all, why go out to the crowded dancehalls when you can stretch out with your version of the funky chicken on your own sofa?

LOIE has a limited supply of their self-titled EP which you can check out at their website, or contact them at sensorarray @ verizon [dot] net

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dylan mckeever writes music and was raised by wolves.

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  1. Anonymous1:48:00 PM

    hey dylan thanks so much for reviewing us! take good care!