August 24, 2006

Sixeyes is an MP3 Blog :: Mountain Goats Exclusive MP3

Yeah, but you know that, don't you (it's an mp3 blog, I mean)? It's been two years and... uhm... nearly three months, so I kind of know what I'm doing. But not really. I love finding new music that excites me and giving everyone that comes here a chance to get excited along with me. Recently I heard that using tags (technorati and can bring an increase in traffic, of people looking for what you're offering on your webpage. So, you can see the icons and the new RSS icons--please subscribe or save to, you can save the blog itself, or the post. I think I'm saying this right, I'm not up to snuff on this new fangled stuff.

JOHN DARNIELLEOkay, back to the music. The Mountain Goats released their latest effort, Get Lonely, this past Tuesday (BUY IT where good records are sold), and one of the standout tracks is the opener, "Wild Sage". And this song was included in an in-store performance given by The Mountain Goats at San Francisco's Amoeba store this past Tuesday. This song is also to be featured in the exciting collaboration between YouTube and Amoeba entitled "YouTube Presents: Sessions at Amoeba featuring the Mountain Goats". This very special program will be presented in 3 parts beginning Monday August 28th, and get this... each segment will offer a song and a portion of an interview conducted by The New Pornographers, Carl Newman, with John Darnielle.

Here's the song courtesy of Beggars...
+ wild sage [live in-store, Tuesday August 22]

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Also, I'm hoping to have a brief interview with Mr Darnielle up on this page very shortly. Stay tuned, or online, or something like that.

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  1. Anonymous5:12:00 PM

    Anyone not wanting to wait for the youtube video can listen to the entire instore here:

  2. Thanks Chris, but as I said, there is an interview of JD done by Carl Newman on the youtube shows.

  3. Anonymous1:21:00 PM

    i would like to note you are not only an mp3 blog, but an awesome mp3 blog.

  4. THANK YOU, Dan! You are very kind, and likely just as awesome.