December 06, 2006


Here's some music for you to chew on... something from Austin, Brooklyn, Toronto, Detroit, and Fresno.

First up is a free download from Austin TX band, The Boxing Lesson called "Mirrors". This is a slower paced track than the other three found on their myspace page and it's the one I like more than the others.

mirrors [myspace mp3]

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Crestview Trust (above) isn't just another Canadian band, so I guess that means they're good, right? A band of friends who now call Toronto home, Crestview Trust may wear their influences on their sleeves, but this is Canada and it's December, so those shirt sleeves are under coat sleeves.

somersaults [mp3]
More mp3s found here.

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California's Rademacher is a band with talent behind it and I like them, but sometimes I get the feeling they're trying to be odd, instead of just letting that strangeness appear on it's own. They seem to be the kind of band that pulls you in, or pushes you away… which one will you be? These are from their latest EP, Heart Machine

never hear from me [mp3]
never understand anything [mp3]

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Pas/cal (above) is a large Detroit based outfit, seven members, who make an effort to wring something new from the pop music mop. This determination and their talents produce some great music. This song is from their latest EP, Dear Sir. The band will release their debut full length early next year.

wake up wake up wake up [mp3]

+ + + + +

And finally, Arms is a side project from Todd Goldstein, the guitarist for The Harlem Shakes. Recently signed to British indie label, Melodic, Arms' Goldstein has a seven track EP called Shitty Little Disco (BUY). Catchy songs, funny lyrics, and a voice that sounds like a friend, Arms is well worth your time... Shitty Little Disco is not a shittly little EP (or song).

shitty little disco [mp3]

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  1. some good ones, Rademacher "never hear from me [mp3]" tops it, bingo + point taken.

  2. Anonymous11:26:00 PM

    I really enjoy Crestview Trust, good taste as always Alan.

  3. glad you like the rademacher, pete.

    and i'm happy you found something you enjoy, anonymous. And thank you.

  4. Anonymous5:38:00 AM

    Canadian band looks like promising another beetle rising stars...