January 13, 2007

The Arcade Fire: "Ocean Of Noise" MP3

Here is a limited time offer. This is track six from Arcade Fire's upcoming release, Neon Bible. This one kind of reminds me of early Springsteen from The River era... if the song "Point Blank" had been on the earlier album Born To Run. So, I guess it reminds me of early Springsteen, plain and simple.

Okay, maybe i'm not being clear enough, I mean that it sounds like The River's "Point Blank", if that song had been found on the earlier released album, Born To Run. If "Point Blank" had the 'wall-of-sound' which Born To Run is renowned for (thanks, onya).

[mp3] ocean of noise
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Neon Bible Track listing
1. Black Mirror
2. Keep the Car Running
3. Neon Bible
4. Intervention
5. Black Wave/Bad Vibrations
6. Ocean of Noise
7. The Well and the Lighthouse
(Antichrist Television Blues)
8. Windowsill
9. No Cars Go
10. My Body is a Cage


  1. Anonymous2:12:00 AM

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Anonymous4:08:00 AM

    Great Track from Arcade fire again, but Bruce's "Point Blank" is from "The River", not "Born To run". But never mind....

  3. hi onya
    i know it was from the river. i guess i didn't write it clearly enough. i am an old guy, i bought 'born to run' when it came out years ago. i meant to say that it sounds like "point blank", if that sone had been pumped up like the songs which were on the born to run album, you know, with the phil spectorish wall-of-sound.

  4. Anonymous7:58:00 AM

    i think this new album shows a lot of promise....

  5. Anonymous2:14:00 PM

    From reading these posts and posts on other blogs regarding the new Arcade Fire songs, there seems to be an objectivity vaccum around the band and I wonder if it stems from the overprescription of antidepressants in our society. The clear and simple truth is that none of the four new Arcade Fire songs are any good-- even the most loyal fan must admit that none compare favorably to any other off of Funeral. They're cloying, generic, and - worst of all - boring as ice dancing. I believed your band has been ruined by the hype. I also think it's likely that by sharing the stage with Bono they contracted some kind of "suck-AIDS" which Plato calls "the monster Self-love which devours the spirits of the damned." Reality loses its color for these poor, blighted souls, and they exist in a world of gray. To see a carnival of this joyless floundering: turn on your TV. (Yes, the new Arcade Fire songs are that bad.) Thank God we have Dionne Warwick on PBS.

  6. Anonymous2:33:00 PM

    can someone pls pls kindly repost this on yousendit, sendspace or something? you will make this boy very happy

  7. wow, plato. you're missing out on a lot with an attitude like that, I feel sorry for you. These songs aren't better, or worse...at best they're different, something that most Arcade Fire fans should see as a step in the right direction and something refreshing from a band that has had everyone on a figurative leash since Funeral.

    just my two cents. you're really missing out on something great here man.

  8. I think any of these songs could stand on their own if they were in Funeral. At worst, they'd be unspectacular. At best, hits. But none of these are bad. If you think they've become SUCK-positive, Plato, that's okay. But if you ask me, judging from what we've heard so far, they've still got it.

  9. Anonymous2:34:00 PM

    it's always amusing when someone finds it their place to inform everyone that their musical choice is 'wrong'. i mean, seriously, are you trying to change our minds?

  10. Anonymous10:25:00 PM

    Plato, what the hell is your problem man? I really enjoy the new Arcade Fire tracks, especially Black Mirror and Intervention. I can't wait to hear these songs in sequence with the rest of the album... I agree with connor : you're missing out on something here! I feel sorry for you... if you're not happy with the new Arcade Fire songs, you can go to your room and listen to Nelly Furtado all by yourself!

  11. Anonymous6:29:00 AM

    Personally I can't wait for Neon Bible. I love the way Bad Vibrations/Black Wave bleeds into Ocean of Noise; it's going to sound brilliant on the album. I've heard 5 tracks so far and I like them all, and they sound better each time I hear them.