March 12, 2008

Throw Me The Statue: 'Moonbeams'

Throw Me The Statue may be an odd name, even for an indie pop band, but the name you should take note of here is Scott Reitherman, the driving creative talent behind TMTS's music. I've got to admit to taking a while cluing into how good their album Moonbeams is, a record that, although it came out little over a month ago, I've had a copy of for several months. There are 13 songs on the record just waiting to curl up in that part of your brain that soaks up music like a plant takes on water. These gems aren't standing up and waving their arms for all to see, they're more like that shiny piece of treasure glinting at you from a bed of sand under a foot of water. A discovered treat that you stand and marvel at while the summer sun wraps about the nape of your neck and across your shoulders, a sonic treasure that you can't not help but share with others. Great pop music for hungry fans... especially those stranded in the heavy, wet, grey snow of late winter.

I predict that the next musical work that Scott Reitherman puts his name to, will be recognized by many more people and you and your friends will finally talk about, and listen to, his music. Or you could be well ahead of the curve and do that now by running down to your local indie store and buying Moonbeams, or checking out this link to buy. So, do that, be a leader not a follower.

yucatan gold

Moonbeams TRACK LIST
Young Sensualists
A Mutinous Dream
Your Girlfriend's Car
Conquering Kids
About To Walk
Yucatan Gold
This Is How We Kiss
Written In Heart Signs, Faintly
Take It Or Leave It
The Happiest Man On This Planet

Recommended tracks: "Lolita", "Conquering Kids", "Young Sensualists", "Moonbeams", "Your Girlfriend's Car", "Yucatan Gold", and "Take It Or Leave It".

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