April 10, 2008

Jason Collett: Here's To Being Here

I'm not a fan of Broken Social Scene, but several members of that musical collective catch my fancy as solo performers and one of those is Jason Collett. His latest album, Here's to Being Here has been in my mp3 player for weeks now and just recently I've noticed that when I'm working and listening to music I skip many of the artists currently in that player, but when Collett pops up I always look forward to what's coming, no showing off, no showboating, just good solid hooks delivered in a familiar and welcome fashion. And don't forget to wallow in the malleable drawl which Collett has brought to the fore on his last two solo releases, I know I do. That drawl is what makes his sound so singular, that and the straight up recording of his voice as opposed to the double tracking and frequent over production of his vocals on solo debut Motel Love Songs.

Standouts on the new record include "Papercut Hearts", "Roll on Oblivion", "Out Of Time", "Through The Night These Days", and "Somehow". This record doesn't do anything new or flashy, then how does it satisfy with every listen? With a wack of strongly written songs and that voice, that's how.

from Here's To Being Here 2008 BUY
papercut hearts [mp3]

from Idols Of Exile 2005 BUY
i'll bring the sun [mp3]

BONUS: Live - Minneapolis - The Fine Line Jan 29/06
hangover days feat. FEIST [mp3]

from Motor Motel Love Songs 2003 BUY
tiny ocean of tears [mp3]

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