May 12, 2008

Tom Waits Live: Akron Ohio 2006 MP3s

Got a request to re-post this great live recording of Tom Waits after the announcement of his upcoming summer tour dates.

These mp3 links are now dead.

Go here for some mp3s of Tom Waits July 5th 2008 show in Atlanta.

This is the best 'bootleg' I've ever heard of Tom Waits, but it isn't a true bootleg, the show was broadcast live on NPR and subsequently the sound is fantastic. Since I got my hands on this I've listened to Waits much more than I have in years. He and the band are in top form and the version here of "Tom Traubert's Blues" is fantastic. Not sure if it's the performance, or the nostalgia it stirs, probably a combination of the two, but a tear easily comes to the eye when I listen to this (if I let it). I should warn you that he tells a few stories and if you want to listen at work you might not want everyone in the office hearing some of the more objectionable words.

1 Make It Rain

2 Shore Leave

3 Falling Down

4 Tango Till They're Sore

5 Tom Traubert's Blues

6 Eyeball Kid

7 Murder in the Red Barn

8 Trampled Rose

9 Bottom of the World

10 Til the Money Runs Out

11 Get Behind De Mule

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  1. Thanks for posting this. I'm currently going through another Tom phase, so it's nice to have something new to toss into the mix.

  2. Hey Matt and a.kleon: you're welcome and glad you like it.

  3. oh wow. My wife and I saw him in Memphis during the Orpahns tour and I kept telling her afterwards how much I wished I had a copy of that concert.

    Tom just gets better and better.

  4. Thanks for sharing this... I wish I knew how you posted these so I could return the favor!!!! I am going to listen to this while cookin' dinner tonight.
    regards, d.