March 24, 2009

Pop Quiz: The National's Matt Berninger

Well, here it is... the first and possibly the last POP QUIZ to appear on Sixeyes with favourite interview subject, Matt Berninger of The National.

* * * * * * *

Favourite city to visit?
Amsterdam. I like the canals and the bikes, not the drugs and whores.

Favourite venue to play?
Still Bowery Ballroom. It feels homey.

CD or vinyl?
I only listen to stuff on my iPod now. The sound is inferior but i'm lazy and turning over a record seems like a pain now.

Boxers or briefs?
Conservative briefs.

Beer, wine, or Calimocho?

Favourite singer?
Changes too fast.

Coke or Pepsi?
Trying hard to think of something witty... nope, Coke.

The English Patient or High Fidelity?
I hated The English Patient. I wish everyone involved with that movie had died in a cave. High Fidelity is really good.

Madonna or Britney?

Favourite lyricist, or writer?
Too hard. I have about 20.

Sean Penn or Mickey Rourke?
Also tough. Penn.

Sugar or Aspartame?

Morning or night person? Uhh… afternoon?
I don't think I lean toward any of those times. It depends on what happened the day before.

Miami Vice or Starsky and Hutch?
Simon and Simon.

Bowie or Springsteen?
I used to date a girl who would often fantasize aloud about a Bowie-Jagger sandwich which turned me off Bowie for a few years. Springsteen and I were both left out so there's a kinship there.

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