April 13, 2009

Elliott Brood: 'Favorite Sessions' MP3s

Toronto's Elliott Brood play roots music with the buzz of electricity and the thump of cold nails driven into pine. They call it 'death country', and it sure stirs up a lotta dust; from old books, from pioneer folklore, and from boots stomping and dancing floor planks into splinters. The band of Casey Laforet (guitar/vocals/bass pedals), Stephen Pitkin (suitcases/percussion/vocals), and Mark Sasso (guitar/banjo/ukulele/lead vocals) is about to tour their (and mine) native land, Canada... check the tour dates here.

Here's a live radio session the band recorded September of last year at KEXP in Seattle following the June release of their second full length Mountain Meadows on Six Shooter Records.

from NPR: Favorite Sessions
garden river (from Mountain Meadows 2008)
cadillac dust (from Tin Type 2004)
the valley town (from Mountain Meadows 2008)
the bridge (from Ambassador 2005)

BUY the band's music here.

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  1. I like this artwork...and hadn't heard of Elliott Brood before. Thanks for the post.

    Shola from Divisible
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