November 16, 2009

Phoenix Remixes: "Lisztomania" & "1901" + KEXP MP3s

Here are several remixes of "1901" and "Lisztomania" which are the two best tracks from Phoenix's latest release Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. But to start off here's the band's live performance in the KEXP studios from early summer 2009. Okay, now that that's out of the way, you've listened and/or downloaded, let's get that great big ol' glitter ball out of storage and boogie (Jesus, I even feel stupid typing that, much less saying it aloud).

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Phoenix Live @ KEXP (Thomas Mars, Christian Mazzalai)
playground love (air cover)

"Lisztomania" Remixes
alex metric remix
holy ghost love paris remix
clasixx remix
der die das remix
yuksek remix
dr rosen rosen remix
25 hours a day remix

"1901" Remixes
teenagers garage band remix
l'aiglon remix (my personal favourite)
immuzikation remix
alan wilkis remix
saycet remix

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