August 08, 2004

::Endearing Records::

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is where you will find the good folk of Endearing Records. It's also where you will find the famous intersection, Portage and Main, also known as Windy Corner,that has recorded some very brutal winter wind chills.

From the Endearing Records website, this is how the label came to be:

"Endearing was formed in 1995. Why? Our friends were putting out music we liked and we thought it deserved to be heard. This remains our guiding principle to this day. There is no defining genre or pattern. If there is a mandate, it is to release music we like from people we love. We have diverse tastes and find a variety of music stimulating and challenging so this has resulted in a diverse catalogue over our 8 years. We hope you enjoy what you hear."

There are about thirty artists on the Canadian label and about as many MP3s to sample. Here are a few to give you an idea.

>>Hot little Rocket - five by five
>>The Pets - vika
>>Paper Moon - mercury is clearly opposing venus
>>The Vancouver Nights - all the right moves
>>The Heavy Blinkers - the night and i are still so young

visit endearing records to listen to more or to buy.

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