August 07, 2004

::Saturday Mega miX:: 20 tracks

John Vanderslice + they won't let me run
warren zevon + keep me in your heart
varnaline + song
fiona apple + extraordinary machine
jason lowenstein + circles
American Football + honestly
Fuck + heaven is a truck
The Czars + lullaby 6000
The Salteens + thoughts from sound
Lifter Puller + lonely in a limousine
A Girl Named Eddy + golden
Brokeback + names winston
Blue Goblins + black snake moan
The Needles + dither pop
Maritime + adios
Belltone Suicide + just like i said it would
John Vanderslice + pale horse
Sennen + all the time
MK Ultra + what i live for
The Natural History + dance steps

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