November 04, 2004


Sharing a label with big 'indie' names like Death Cab and John Vanderslice must mean some of that good stuff they got going on rubs off on you... or maybe it's just Aqueducts's label (Barsuk) and it's great staff picking just the right bands to be represented on their great roster.

"Barsuk Records has released a 5-song CD-EP, pistols at dawn, which serves as an excellent introduction to Aqueduct's smart, wry, bedroom pop. Built from an arsenal of keyboards, pianos, drum machines and a great sense of humor, these five songs are just a taste of the musical funhouse that's to come. A full-length release is in the works for early 2005."

Aqueduct was a smart signing by this premiere indie imprint, it may not be apparent yet (especially if you haven't listened to the mp3s yet), but it will be.

Growing Up With G'N'R
Assignment #1: Heart Design
Post Rock & Slightly Seasoned

Hardcore Days, Softcore Nights from
(*copy and paste this short cut into your browser to download the mp3)

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