November 05, 2004


"Wasp Nest" is the lead off track from The National's new 7 song EP entitled, "Cherry Tree" (Brassland US - Talitres EU).

The song opens with a ringing buzz of bells, the way wasps would buzz above your sleepy head, hidden in thick green leaves wrapped about dark branches - as you awaken on a summer afternoon.

When The National's Matt Berninger begins to sing, he sounds the way you do once or twice a year when you're nursing a cold and the Benylin begins to wear off - the way you wish your voice would stay, but without the sore throat, the runny nose, you know... you've been there. It's a hefty voice, quietly strong and confident, a voice that walks softly, but carries a big stick. Let me give you a bit of advice, let him hit you with that stick - let him beat you about the skull with it. It won't hurt... trust me.


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