December 23, 2004


Yes, I know most of you very cool mp3 blog surfers have heard of The Arcade Fire, but have you taken the time or been given the opportunity to hear them. Yes, again I know, know that the hype machine, the same machine that hypes equally The Strokes, The White Stripes, The Fiery Furnaces, and Britney, has kicked up into another gear for this Montreal based band - oh, how this must gnaw at the craw of the band (I guess blogs are now part of this machine as well, willingly or not, a very tiny part of the media machine which builds up forests just so it will have some wood to cut down, to burn).

Listen up all you jaded indie hipsters, you know who you are – the ones dreaming of moving to Williamsburg or Silver Lake, dreaming of rubbing corduroy sheathed elbows with Beck at the all-night Macrobiotic Deli - just as soon as they move out of Mom’s basement, as soon as they find that perfect 70’s leather car coat at Value Village and find the perfect part in their asymmetrical hair cut. Listen to what music sounds like without conscious style, with this awareness missing from it and it’s presentation…. Just listen (uuuh, well, I mean if you haven’t already, cause if you have then you know what I mean and you can pull out your own copy of 'Funeral').

+ neighbourhood #3 (power out)


  1. Thanks for the song. Suddenly I feel like cutting my close-cropped, red-brown, highlighted, unevenly-cut scene haircut. That Mogwai song was great as well.

  2. Just got it for the holiday... And it's fucking amazing. Better with each repeated play.

  3. This was the first Arcade Fire song I heard, and I listened to it in that way. I should listen to the whole album that way today, I think.