December 24, 2004


* Have a good Christmas everyone - I pulled this out of the October archive, a great little band that deserve more attention,'The Features".

The Features reel and tumble out of the speakers, drummer Rollum Haas bashing the living hell out of his kit, Parrish Yaw's organ giving us that 60's garage feel. Who the hell are these guys? Where the hell have they been? I gotta thank Daniel at new mp3 blog, Take Dead Aim , for turning me onto this band.

The track, "The Beginning", reminds me of the early incarnation of The Walkmen, Jonathan Fire Eater, crashing out at you, all cymbals and sweet organ swirls. They have garnered comparisons to some heavy names in Elvis Costello, The Buzzcocks, and The Undertones among others.
They have also been described as Hot Hot Heat meets Franz Ferdinand.

Check out the title track off their ep "The Beginning" - "The Beginning"
And off of their debut full length, "Exhibit A" -"Blow It Out"

*you can listen to tracks from their release "Exhibit A", through the link above. Here is a video of their track "The Way It's Meant To Be" Windows and Real Audio

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  1. Thanks for turnin me on to these guys. Bomb gash, mos' def.