December 29, 2004

Clann Zú

Clann: n. - a group of people related by blood or marriage
Zu: n. - an evil storm god represented as a black bird.

Armed with a desire to make music without boundaries, Clann Zú came together in Melbourne, Australia, in 1999 from various musical backgrounds - punk, rock, folk, electronic & classical. Led by Waterford, Ireland born, Declan de Barra, the band's music is emotional - carrying and then carried by de Barra's grip on the lyric, his voice often erupting in an outburst of feeling. It's Irish theatrics meshed with cascading vocals, a la Buckley or Bono - add in the violin and piano, and the sound manipulations of Lach Wooden, and you have music which recalls others, but mimics none.

band members:
Benjamin Andrews - Electric Guitar
Russell Fawcus - Electric Violin, Keyboards
Declan de Barra - Vocals, Bodhrán
Liam Andrews - Bass
Ben Hellmig - drums
Lach Wooden - Sound Manipulation

from Black Coats & Bandages - june 1st, 2004
There Will Be No Morning Copy
From Bethlehem To Jenin
One Bedroom Apartment Demo
You'll Have to Swim Demo

from Rua - September 9th, 2003
5000 More
Words for Snow
You’re Listening to a Dead Man Speak

Clann Zú EP s/t - 2000
of course it is
an bád dubh
absence makes the heart die
hi fat lo fat
the sailor who fell from grace with the sea

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  1. Thanks for this - good to hear the band are planning to do more Irish language material.

    Here's a live show. (Via this fan site.)