March 30, 2005

ARIEL PINK: "Jules Lost His Jewels"

Did you know that the Teletubbies grew up and their voices actually dropped an octave or two? During the difficult teen years they spent most of this time suffering violent mood swings from overexposure to vibrant primary colours. The only solution was to be locked in a dark basement which was stuffed full of sixties 45's and a loaded .44. Discovering an old guitar they taught each other to play, but this was their downfall--or at least the downfall of three. Constant squabbling over who would get to play was the finger on the trigger--and the red 'tubbie shot the others dead. Now 3 years later he has made his way into the world once more. Now faded pink from repeatedly trying to wash what he mistook as blood from his suit, he has christened himself Ariel Pink and this song proves he worships Beach Blanket movies, surf guitar, cowbell, and quite possibly, "I Do Dream You", by Jennifer Gentle.

+ jules lost his jewels
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  1. Anonymous2:33:00 PM

    What the hell? I mean seriously, what the hell, man?

  2. Hmmm, after that excellent review i may have to make a trip to see the red tubbie at my local live music factory.