March 27, 2005

transmissionary six

photo by Steffen Paulus

Transmissionary Six derive their distinctive personality from Terri Moeller's (the walkabouts) quaaluded vocal crawl, rubbing up against the listener like a cat seen through pinprick pupils. Aiding the whole vibe is the equally drowsy and tasty playing of the musicians, namely Paul Austin (the willard grant conspiracy). Described by some as a country-folk duo, there is just a little too much atmosphere in the music for that handle to stick. Likely this label has been applied due to the bands the members are connected with; both are from 'alt-country' country. Okay, the track "Happy Landings" does serve up some twang befitting that label, but their song "Black Tin Rocket" is a step away from the touch of twang that colors "Happy Landings". A solemn cello and slowly bowed violin help fulfill the descriptive promise above. Moeller's voice purring with an American barn cat's loneliness, lulling the string instruments into a waking dream of tiny, tinny 1970's transistor radios playing beneath cotton pillows into the ears of 12 year old innocents.

+ black tin rocket
happy landings

*Both tracks from 2004's Get Down
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  1. great songs, from that cool french enigma of a label - hinah