March 10, 2005


The Tiny are a trio--Swedish based... and they are vocalist/pianist/songwriter Ellekari Larsson, Leo Svensson, cellist/organ/saw player, and an upright bass player whose identity shifts as needed. The band's identity lies within Larsson and her striking voice. Uncannily similar to Joanna Newsom vocally, Larsson has more range and a richer tone. And although the vocal is such a magnet to the ear, The Tiny's music is just as compelling, just as memorable--carrying the songs into much darker terrain than Larsson's womanly little girl sound. You may even hear a memory of Billie Holiday in her timbre at times, but one that fades in and out of view--one that, surprisingly, comes from a white Swedish woman who sounds much more like Newsom... see if you can find it. A most obvious and overworked comparision is to Bjork--this is viable in the shape of songs like "No Money", as a influence perhaps, but don't expect Bjork to leap from the speakers.

+ closer
from CD, Close Enough, on eyeball records

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  1. hi, i found your blog through your comment on gorillla vs. bear. i do think larsson's voice has a touch of billie holiday. that's what i thought of when i firt heard closer. i thought it was just me.