May 28, 2005

PELA: 'All In Time' EP

Red Hook, Brooklyn's Pela, share with label alumni, The National, that acclaimed bands understated musicianship. There is no flash here, no need to shield your eyes from the gaudy or garish. Thank God.

But that word, you know which one... the one above... 'understated'... that is not a bad word. I could have used the word subtle to convey the same thing. Or skillful, or discriminating... take your pick, it all comes down to the same thing, Pela. Found on innovative indie label, Brassland, Pela's most distinctive asset is lead vocalist Billy Swanson's voice -- a keening understated wail (there's that word again... understated... am I overstating it?)

If Coldplay's Chris Martin lived on the street for a year, smoked a pack a day, and didn't have a knack for spewing forth the pap that radio programmers salivate for -- he could sound and write like Billy Swanson. But now that Pela and Billy are here, that dream can die a happy death.

All In Time

The band's debut recording, the EP All In Time, is a rich primer for what this band will deliver when they give us a full length. Pela is an addiction, one which upon first listen you don't realize you need, and then one you are sure to realize you crave.

+ episodes (diphenhydramine)
*from the 5 track All In Time EP on Brassland


  1. Oh yeah I like these guys. The vocals make it for me.

  2. Anonymous9:38:00 PM

    Shit yeah the vocals make me tingle