June 04, 2005

The Fame

The Fame. Are they gonna be the next flavour? The flavour that hooks into you like that big ol' hook on TV's old Gong Show... like something you have no control of. Or like that flavour that sticks with you like cherry gum to the sole of your Converse low tops?

I'm not going to answer... I can't answer for you... Listen and decide for yourself. I will say this... this is a great track.

+ Lost in You

*visit their site for mp3 samples.


  1. yeah, that's pretty good. straight-ahead rock that rocks. my only problem with it was the fade-out when it really started rocking out at the end. 98% of all fade-outs are unecessary in my opinion. i don't care if it's supposed to make you want to hear it again, it's just unnatural and i feel like i'm missing part of the song. end rant.

  2. timothy -


    What? the fade out or the rant?

  3. maybe both! hee hee.

    i was really just correcting a typo with that second post. sorry to muck up the backblog!

  4. erm, is this writen and produced by bon-jovi?

  5. Anonymous1:36:00 AM

    Watery domestic...and not in a good way. Bon Jovi shoud have given this one to ashley simpson. At least then the video might be watchable.

  6. Anonymous11:31:00 AM

    kinda boring if you ask me