June 04, 2005


Yes, The High Dials are another Canadian band... another great Canadian band. Just this past year saw the jangly, sixties influenced, Montreal quartet (now a five piece) picked by a certain savvy music mag (spin) as one of the ten best bands at this year's SXSW. Set to release their latest, War Of The Wakening Phantoms, recorded at Montreal’s Stock Market Audio with Joseph Donovan, a producer who has worked with the Dears, on June 7th... here is a cartload of mp3s from the band...

from War Of The Wakening Phantoms (2005)
+ the holy ground
+ soul in lust
+ strandhill sands

from A New Devotion (2003)
+ can you hear the bells
+ the dead hand
+ diamonds in the dark
+ fields in glass
+ mornings white vibration

The band is currently on tour.
*Bonus: go here for a highly interesting tour diary of the band .

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