September 04, 2005

KVRX: indie radio sounds

Raymond Raposa of Castanets

The Austin, Texas based university radio station, KVRX, has had many, I mean, MANY, artists of calibre pick up instruments and play while visiting the musical burg of Austin and it's fine college radio station.

By going here you can peruse the archive of close to 185 recorded artists - not all the songs performed are now available, but there are usually two or three for each artist. There is everything from Arab Strap and The Early Day Miners to Sebadoh and Wesley Willis [interview]. The majority of acts are indie rock based with a couple of exceptions... one being the mystical neo-folkie Devendra Banhart.

Modest Mouse [there are 13 MM tracks, these are the first two]
+ Dramamine
+ Drink What I Can't Sleep Away
The Castanets
+ Cathedral 2
Crooked Fingers
+ Don't Say A Word
The Futureheads
+ Decent Days & Nights
+ Alms
High Llamas
+ Lobby Bears
Wesley Willis
+ 'The camel's ass' and 'White Castle burgers will kill you' Interview -1999

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  1. Anonymous2:47:00 PM

    FYI: You have the song listed as Drink What I Can't Sleep's actually Polar Opposites...just wanted you to be correct:).

    PS - I LOVE your site, thank you for it!!