November 14, 2005

Jerk With A Bomb

Jerk With A Bomb's Stephen McBean, free mp3s available below
photo courtesy CBC's ZeD

Vancouver's Jerk with a Bomb is made up of founding members Steve McBean (McBean is the driving force behind Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops and the band that pre-dated JWAB, Ex-Dead Teenager)and Josh Wells, who are now joined by Amber Webber and Christoff Hoffmiester.

Their song, 'Don't forget your Love' [MP3] (Pyrokinesis - Scratch Records), has weaseled it's way into my head and heart with it's loose, back porch rhythm and the blurry, half-baked, semi-stoner vocal by McBean (sweetly supported by Amber Webber in the choruses). I have read of
being compared to Nick Cave, Palace, Nick Drake, and Three Mile Pilot. Oh yeah, even Queens of the Stone Age. I can see the last one on this track, but only if you cross breed Ryan Adams earlier work with Whiskeytown with the Queens... yeah, it's a stoner Whiskeytown.

Steve McBean on critical acclaim and how to get your name in the paper:
"We'll probably start selling more records after we break up or one of us dies in a fiery crash,” McBean bleakly prophesises. “We'll see where critical acclaim gets us, but for now we're only just out of the starting gate and have many, many more old pedals to buy before the mission is fulfilled and we can finally rest.”
EX DEAD TEENAGER MP3s from Hive Studios
Engineered by COLIN STEWART
13th Century / Cursed Valentine / It's Only A Three / Kill The TV Screens / Love Ain't Dead / Tap Wire / Verse One / Armchair

go here for 7 more mp3s of Ex Dead Teenager, plus many more mp3s of other bands..


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