November 26, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen... the Bon Savants

Bon Savants, free mp3s available below

About to release their full length debut, Boston based Bon Savants have already set whatever it is in 'indie hipster' circles that buzzes, uh... buzzing. If atmosphere is what you want in music, then this quartet deliver just that... directly into your bloodstream. The guys in the band themselves namecheck these indie and classic bands as influences: The Wrens, Bedhead, Clientele, Built to Spill, Joy Division, Kinks, Byrds, My Bloody Valentine, Pixies, Velvet Underground, Love, The Zombies, Night Rally, David Bowie, Night Bowie, and David Rally. Myself, I hear some Pavement and definitely the harmony influences of the Kinks and The Zombies, both cited above.

Members are Thom C.M. [vocals / guitars], Kevin P.H. [guitars / vocals], Dave W. [bass / vocals], and Andy D. [drums].


+ post-rock defends the nation
+ atom bomb
+ tip of our tongues
+ why this could never work between us


The band's myspace page.

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