November 27, 2005

The Scribbled Out Man

The Scribbled Out Man, free and legal mp3s available below
The Scribbled Out Man are a Toronto band that formed in 2003. Paul Linklater writes the songs and sings them with vocal and instrumental support from bassist Douglas Friesen, multi-instrumentalist Devon Armstrong, and Don Kerr, drummer, cellist, engineer, and producer (Ron Sexsmith and Peter Elkas, amongst others).

The songs are confidently written and strongly delivered, evidence that these guys have some experience and talent. What I've heard ranges from indie-ish pop to power/chamber pop... what you yourself can hear in these mp3s.

+ heroics
+ pockets of his jeans
+ the believers
+ eastersundayeveryday

*You will find more mp3s on their site.

Their album, All Different, can be bought from Canadian net label, go here.


Linklater, Friesen, and Kerr of The Scribbled Out Man are also in the band Egger which is led by head honcho and ex-Inbred, Dave Ullrich.

From Egger's debut Force Majeur...
+ pixels

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